Saturday, August 30, 2008

Disciple 08-09 and Fall Term Started Friday

Like many of you I have purchased my student manual and taken my study bible off the shelf and put both in tote bag ready for my first day of class. And like many of you I am both excited and anxious. I am excited about making some new friends as I get to know the others in my class. I am anxious about reclaiming a discipline of 20 minutes of daily Bible reading that admittedly has not been maintained since my last class. I am glad that I will have my classmates to hold me accountable as I work to reestablish this discipline. I am grateful to the team of 20 facilitators that have stepped forward and offered to lead are 17 Disciple classes which are starting within the next several days. Our first class, Invitation to Psalms (a men's group) met this past Friday at 7 am. On Tuesday at 10 am an Invitation to Genesis class will have its first session at the Carriage Club in the living room of one of our member's apartments. I look forward to hearing from many of you as you start your first sessions. Blessings on each of you as we begin our studies.

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