Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Getting Started . . . Again

Hello All!!!

This is my first blog on the MPUMC Disciple Bible Study blog site. It's my first day back from summer vacation and my first time leading an Invitation to Genesis class. Phew. That's a lot of first times.

So I've been asked to become a blogger. Hmmmmm . . . what does that mean???

I used to write The Weekly Disciple. It was a newsletter for Disciple participants. We were going to continue with the newsletter until technology jumped up and suggested this format. It's more interactive and more people can participate. Since that was the originally idea of the newsletter this seems like the perfect fit.

Of course one serious drawback is I've lost my editor so the possibility of the English language being abused and creative spellings of words has never been higher. My apologies to Christine Mull, the previously mentioned editor, to what she might be forced to read.

So what to say???

The recommendation was made for me to write a regular piece about Disciple, my class and life as a member of both the Disciple program and as a member of MPUMC. You input is definitely welcomed and encouraged. Tell me what you think. I can take it. Dialogue is good.

Tonight is the first night of my Introduction to Genesis. I've lead and/or participated in six Disciple 1, two Disciple 2, a Disciple 3, a Disciple 4, Christian Believer and I'm currently participating in Jesus and the Gospels. Not that you care about my history but I thought it worth mentioning because I hope it shows that I've had some experience in Disciple courses.

I've not, however, participated in an Invitation class.

For some reason, and maybe because it's new to me, I can't wait to get started. I can't wait to meet my new class and to learn from their experiences. I'm even a little nervous.

And so for the next 11 weeks I hope to rediscover Genesis. Isn't that one of the real beauties of the Bible? When I first took Disciple 1 I knew only a little bit about the Bible. After Disciple 1 I learned that I really have a lot to learn about the Bible. Now that I've lead so many classes I'm discovering that I STILL have a lot to learn. Every book, every chapter, every word reads like an old friend offering something new.

I can't wait to get started!!!

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