Friday, September 26, 2008

The Radical Disciple

We are reading Lamentations, Ezra, Nehemiah and Haggai this week. As we read we are not so much looking for historical detail (we have each already seen discrepancies there) but are looking for the presence of God in the actions of the people and the events of the day that worked toward the restoration of the people, the land, the city and the temple and their worship practices. I have encountered in my readings many persons and situations where the writer share's the people's conviction that they were responding to God's direction even when it was the unusual action of a foreign ruler or the unusual action of the people of God themselves responding to what they believed to be God's direction.

Each week in our Disciple 4 study "Under the Tree of Life" we have a section called The Radical Disciple. So this week's question is "What might it mean for you to be at the direction of God in a way that is unusual?" What might it mean for our church?

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Anonymous said...

Great question..I am wrestling with God's direction for me as a Christian....never thought of "unusual" as a part of my journey.Yet "comfortable feels uncomfortable. Mabe I can play a fiddle tune or read to someone or am I to donate time {which I don't seem to have enough extra of] to "Champ'.. unusual...Barbara will have to chew on that awhile.